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1 day at a time
My name is Andy and Im a compulsive gambler.I am now 316 days free of gambling,and havent had a bet since May 23rd 2010.I managed to attend a meeting last night for the 1st time in months and I am so glad I did,because I saw myself in a mirror 11 months ago,when I walked through the door for the millionth time after failing by trying it my way time and time again.
I cant say my recovery is going well,I struggle every day with life,but Im not gambling and it would be 1000 times worse if I do.
I never thought I could even manage 1 day without a bet,ever,but so far ive kept clean and want to stay clean,for I HATE,HATE,HATE gambling.It has ruined my life and all I am trying to do now is rescue some kind of life and keep myself free from gambling.
Just for today I will not gamble and I will only take 1 day at a time,for that is all we have.
Thanks for that Dave.Yes I am trying to change things and will try and get to meetings as often as possible.Andy
Hi Andy, So glad to hear that you got to a meeting. Hopefully you will find friendship and understanding in the GA rooms. You are doing well Andy and just remember there is a difference re abstinence and recovery. The 12 steps of recovery only mention gambling twice - in the first and last steps, the rest in between is learning to live again. I realize that once you remove the gambling life can seem lonely for some of us, but the main thing is that you are no longer gambling. Things can't get worse for you and I hope you find serenity and peace in your life.
Your friend in the GA fellowship
Thank you for your kind words Helen.I also hope that everything is working out well for you.Yes it is a terribly lonely life,but I am trying to rediscover life again,and try and start living again,instead of existing.I got lost a long time ago,and as you know,trying to find the way back is a very long and difficult thing.But as we havent gambled things could be much worse.Thank you.
Thanks Dave,I will try to attend meetings more regularly,as I know I should.It is just difficult with the nearest meeting being 30/35 miles away,and sometimes I just cannot afford the petrol to even get there.But I will try my best and hopefully keep clean,as I dont want to gamble,I HATE it.Thanks,Andy.

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