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Don't just be desperate, follow through !
Thank you jessica and very true.i have now been a week without gambling-had a slip up but am now trying to get back on the straight and narrow!so far so good,as i am unable to get to a meeting ,a kind fellow member forwarded the litriture which made my day,the thought that someone took the time and paid the postage made me feel good about the world.just back from church,the first time i have been in years.i plan to keep going,i will beat this terrible addiction and this forum and the chatrooms are such a is nice to hear updates from people who have submitted posts.admitting we are desperate is the start,following through is another step in itself.have had the best weekend in a long time just doing simple things.hope is out there for us all,we just have to really want it.
Hey jess,i wld love to swap numbers wiv we,re not allowed to leave numbers on here.mayb meet in live chat and do it in a private msge?jst an idea.x
Hi Jessica and Cleo, I have been following your postings from day one. I must tell you both that this illness/addiction is very serious and can't tell how much importance it is to be in contact with healthy recovering CG's. I could only do the 12th step of the program after several years of being in GA and having worked thoroughly on the other 11 steps. I never treat my recovery lightly and realize that the next bet I make would probably be my last as I believe it would kill me. I know this sounds dramatic but if you continue to gamble your life will only get worse, never better. I do not talk gambling, don't go anywhere near gambling venues and if I had been an internet gambler I would honestly have ditched my computer. I will come on here soon and tell my story (not pretty) but today I live my life just a 'day at a time', the best I can and I would not ever want to go back to the misery and nightmare of the life I had when I was gambling.
I had to move several hundreds of miles to be near a GA meeting and I could never have the life I have today without them. Since attending GA I have virtually seen several hundreds of people come through the doors in dire straights ie bankrupt financially and spiritually, lost husbands/wives, broken frienships, attempted suicides and then they dissappear, back to gambling I presume. So what I'm saying is that the 12 steps can look overwhelming but if you keep things simple and take things slowly a day at a time you will go on to live a fantastic life.
Helen in GA fellowship
Thank u helen for your advice.i go with what you said,one more bet would destroy me,its been nearly 2 weeks for me.would have been a month but had a slip up in between.i have made drastic changes to my life in the past weeks,i keep busy,use the ga forum and chatroom every day and have started attending church to help me gain a sense of spirituality.i have handed my life over to a higher power-attended church regularly as a child and have gone back to the same one.improvements have started already,i cant control what happens in life,i cant right wrongs.i have to take one day at a time and be thankful that just for today i have not or will not children have been wonderful,i have been honest and truthful since the day i knew i had become out of control,my daughter came to see someone with me to help me sort out my finances and had to listen to me admit how much id spent.yesterday has gone,today is here and life is too short to waste it online a realist i no its an addiction il be fighting for the rest of my life.its a fight that for today i plan to win.looking forward to hearing your story.yours in fellowship,cleo.

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