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I need help, and advice please

I'm here to get some hlep and advice please.

I have a gambling problem!!

I have been gambling for a number of years prob closer to over 15 years... It has held me back and ruined things in my life. Its made me a liar and deceatful. I gambled tonight and lost... I do know I have a problem and so does my partner. I know I need to quit... but just never do it.

I know i should attend meetings but I cant bring myself to do it so i'm hoping this is the first step

I need some advice on what steps to take. ... i'm 30 soon adn determined not to gamble andmore and get my life back.

How do i block gambling sites from the laptop?
Any tips on how to keep away from thinking abouut gambling?>

I want my life back and it starts now..18/04/2011

please respond I will be on regular and all help appreciated.

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