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I don't know if anyone from the Nottingham GA that used to meet on Mansfield Rd (previously Canning Circus) in the mid 1980s recalls me. I was known there as Stuart - I recall Gary and Gerald in particular and many faces but can't put names to them.

I suddenly stopped going probably around 1986/87 and never returned after attending for about 2 years nearly every week.

I was in my early 20s then and my weakness was for fruit machines which, now I understand on reflection - were filling a big hole in my life as I was living it at that time. I must say that from the moment I began to attend meetings - although I relapsed once or twice - I gradually kicked the habit. My interest in fruit machines also dwindled when I started a successful business and a small jackpot seemed like small beer - luckily I had no interest in racing, casinos and other gambling so really once my life became busy with other rewarding activities there was just no appeal in tossing money into slot machines.

I do feel for compulsive gamblers and know how hard it is to give up. It may or may not be rooted in many pre-existing personality traits, shortcomings - I don't know though I admit it was true in my case as I always had trouble forming relationships and a number of other issues - but really to solve those great life problems you first need to quit gambling and in that capacity GA are an excellent organisation - the support I had in the 1980s helped me to find the resolve to stop (I just did not want to come back each week and admit to relapse and neither did i want to lie) and from that point I began to contruct a proper life.

To Gary and any other members of those times I do hope it worked out well for you all.

Am I a compulsive gambler? I am yes no doubt - that is why I never go near online gaming - there is always the possibility to get sucked right back in.
BigDave Wrote:Why not go along to the Nottingham meeting and see if they are still there. I am sure they would appreciate your thanks in person.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

Great idea - except I live nowhere near nottingham now - also my wife knows nothing about this skeleton and would prefer to keep it that way.

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