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hi my name is mark and like you i have gambled away a hell of alot. Also like you i feel the shame for being this way.if you read my post [ how sick i am i}.you will see how bad i you i have handed control of the family money to my partner.also like you i cant think about any thing accept gambleing and trying to find ways to get my hands on some money this is the third day i have not gambled.i just have to keep telling my self its not worth it looseing my family.
then you think well what if i win i can get it all back.just two weeks ago i had a massive win it was in the thouasands i lost it all back and a hell of a lot more with it just could not the moral is you cant win.but sometimes i too think what the hell go for it. but in your hart off harts even if you won do you really think you would stop.I know i cant. if you have a little cash left its better then having nothing.and i think we both know thats going to happen if we dont stop. I have read a lot off gamblers stories.and one story really sticks in my head. the guys post stated how sad and lonely he was and how he missed his wife and kids.he was living in a bedsit on his own. broke and broken the post was made on christmas day.its just not worth it ,i wish you all the best and hope you stop.

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