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We are friends....that means ANY THOUGHT that you need a bet just send me a message first, i will not judge. I dont want to know after the event.

Your lucky at this moment that you still have the MRS....mine left, my business eventually went as no one could trust me....I was alone, with nothing but the body I had destroyed.

What is lost can be replaced...eventually...step by step....the thoughts will go away, they will subside....

I remember like it was yesterday climbing the walls for desperation for a bet....

what happens when its all gone...the family...the GF...the cash...then is when you find strength to change, strength to say no...

Mike you saved me when I had a slip and we are very similar but you MUST stop wallowing, whats gone is aint coming back....there is only one thing Mikey needs to do and that is wake up in the morning and say that was me and today its not going to be me...

I have no need to tell you my story just to say i know I am right as do you Mike, in four years I have acheived more than in all my "gambling days" with one slip to mention its not bad.

Best wishes friend...text when you need.


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