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My Stupidity, My Anger, The People I Let Down...
I'm 23 years old. I had a decent job, lovely girlfriend, amazing parents... I couldn't have really asked for more. Now I've lost my job, probably lost my parents and although my parents are sticking by me I've not only lost their trust, I've damaged a relationship which may never fully heal. But... after begging, borrowing and stealing my way from happiness to nothing, to being a nobody, I've promised myself that I'm gonna change and be the man I always wanted to be. I've been to the doctors, I've been to the job centre, I've banned myself from the casino. But... if I'm ever going to change and be better, I need help. I need my girlfriend back. There's a line I keep quoting in my head though, I'm sure it's a Marlyn Monroe quote, of, 'If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best'. That's something that's helping me cope at the moment, after this being the third day of the 'space' she says she needs. Any help offered would be awesome.
Hey Silly,
Prefer a name because names are more personal. I like your sentiment about the GF but she is not the problem my friend, your addiction and the charater it creates is.

I thought when my ex fiancee left me the same way but I had put her through a lot, I didnt however NEED her, my life is my life, I am who I control, I can do what only I can do. You seem to remember a quote so Ill quote one from Bruce Almightly "you cannot mess with free will!"

Instead of cocentrating on her...concentrate on you and your problem, only then can ypu fix that problem and go forwards.

Ask yourself seriously and im not saying this is really you, or to make you feel worse but: Would you really want to be around someone who has lied, blown all of there cash, lost there job, going no-where and who NEEDS you??

So Silly, give her all the space she needs and as the saying goes if its meant to be its meant to be just look after yourself and I suggest going to get some help ie going to GA meetings.

You have taken positive steps to ban from casino etc but must ensure you dont go back to gambling.

Read my post before!



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