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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a G.A in the London area.. I am in N15 (Seven Sisters) and the nearest one I can find is a walk, then 2 different tubes and then a bus, and an hour journey, although I am willing to do this I OBVIOUSLY don't have any money for the next 4 weeks as I gambled it all away and travelling that far can end up being expensive.. so in short, are there any G.A's in North London because I can't find one.

Thanks guys..
Hi Jonmon,
It is really good news that you are serious about getting help.
Your nearest meetings are in Hackney leyton, Southgate and Loughton, although there are others like the one I go to at Enfield which might be easy to get to from seven sisters too.
The home page of this site has a meetings link and a map of where all the meetings are. If you click on a location it tells you the address and times of meetings.
I hope you find one convenient to you. Reply back if it really is difficult as there may be people who can offer you a lift to one of these meetings?????

My name is Chris and I am a compulsive gambler.

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