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no money
hello friends,
I am rob I am a compulsive gambler
I've been gambling for around 8 yrs now I am now 37 I have 3 young kids and a lovely wife . My gambling started when I was made redundant from work and received a good size payment, firstly it started with small bets then escalated. after extra borrowing on my mortgage to clear my overdraft (2 years later)without the wife knowing and borrowing a fair amount off an uncle . My money is now coming to an end of my overdraft once again the wife is clueless every time the bank statement is due I rush home in fear she will open it (we have separate accounts) and sees how much I am overdrawn by and all the big bets I've made on football , cricket, rugby you name it if its on and there is market for it ill have a bet. It's got to all come to an end now as yesterday I lost hundreds on my online account after chasing bets I've lost ,I am really snappy with the kids when I lose and the wife gets it full barrel too . I know I need to attend ga but I really haven't the courage to tell the wife. I am making life very hard for us all through my stupidity and this addiction.
Great news...If you havent got any money you cannot gamble!!! That being said as soon as that money is gone you will find a way to get more...its the nature of the desease!! It will strip that house from over your childrens heads, it will send your wife round the twist.

Rob, I know what it is to be a compulsive gambler because everyday for me is a fight...however in the morning i say "just for today i will not gamble"

I put into place the steps that GA gives to us and the one thing that has major major significance for me is that it tought me I was not alone.

If you dont tell your wife, then she will find out when your really at the bottom, or you can go to GA realise there are people like me who had great businesses but fear of being seen asa failure meant we didnt do the one thing we needed to do and that is accept defeat.

Seriously an honest life is so much a nicer life....

Go to GA...

See what it does for you and I know what it will do, it may just give your children a happy life and your wife also.

TC barrie

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