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in a mess
Hi Clair my name is marko.
Are stories seem to be identiclal.I recconmend you read the very sound advice given to me.{another big win another big loss}
clair the money is gone. once you accept that the recovery process can begin. over the last 12 months i have lost tens of thouands.but i lost a lot more then that my self Respect i have hurt my family.i hope you read what the others have to say.i recommend you contact your local GA .and seek advice from a financial how to repay your debts.i hope with support you will beat this illness.
hi claire i have simular problemsto partner put a gambling block on our computer have you tried this ? iam still gambling but dont spend 12 hrs aday on the computer i also hate myself so know how you feel and hope you can get yourself out of it . tom
Hi,you sound like me a month ago.i no exactly what your feeling and wouldnt wish it on sounds like you are doing the right things with blocks on things which you can access gambling just need the belief that you can tackle the addiction and the need to want sure like i was your sick of feeling worthless and not sleeping at night,sick of lying and feeling that your family deserves better.sound familiar?you can turn your life around,it isnt easy but every day you go without gambling your on the road to recovery and being that person you want to be.dry your eyes and think positive,think only of a day at a time.keep busy,enjoy the kids.the first few weeks are tough the coulda woulda shoulda's but it does get slightly easier-i hope!!!take care and i wish you luck.x

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