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long road ahead
23rd December 2010 - I hope in years to come I can say this is the day I last played the roulette machines. For every gambler - especially the ones addicted to roulette machines like me you'll know the mental days you can have on these things, winning, losing, winning it back, losing it again, swearing at the staff, kicking the machine then going back the next day winning it back again & thinking if only I'd quit when I was ahead or when I broke even yesterday I'd be rolling in it now. This was the day when it finally came to a head. I knew for a long time I had a problem but I always thought I could eventually beat the machine & that I would definitley find the will power to walk away when I was up - thats all I had to do - winning is the easy bit. On 23rd December when I was meant to be getting ready for our company christmas do I went on a mad one & put a few thousand in the machines (not the first time). I know the amounts shouldnt be important but when you dont earn in a month what I put into the machine in about 3 hours it brings homwe the scale of the problem. You get straight again & then think it doesn't matter if you have a bet - it wont lead to anything big- but it always does.I went to my mum & told her - how embarassing is that I'm 35 & married with 4 kids. My mum was upset as she went through it all with my dad & finally left him & this was probably the reason I never came clean earlier to her. She lent me the money to clear my debts & I have been repaying her on a monthly basis. Anyway its been over 4 months now & the last week or so has been a struggle but I have managed to refrain - I just keep thinking back to the conversation with my mum when told her & the promise of not doing it again & the numb sinking feeling you get when you know you've blown everything. The next stop for me was to not pay the mortgage so i'll keep going & hopefully in time it wil get easier but I know for today I will not gamble. CP - compulsive gambler.
Hi CP.
my name is marko and i am a compulsive gambler.
First of all.its great that you have managed to stay away gambleing for so long.but from my experience.
And many others.its very easy to let your guard bown.i went for years with out gambleing.
What i am trying to say mate is never drop your guard not even once.

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