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In despair
Hi there, I feel so sorry for what you are going through, however I suspect that it is quite a common situation

I have gambled for 30 years now and only stopped recently, mainly sports betting like your boyfriend.

My drive to change was my wife and daughter, I realised that it was really difficult, if not impossible to give attention to family when you are in the midst of this addiction

Whilst he is in denial there is very little you can do, at the end of the day until the pain of gambling becomes greater than the pain of not gambling your partner will struggle

You say that he is not the man you love anymore, if thats the case you must give him an ultimatum and mean it, "Make a serious effort to quit through some form of support group, or we are finished"

Harsh, but if you dont and your feelings for him continue to fade, you will be finished soon anyway

Good luck


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