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10th December
DECEMBER 10 Reflection for the Day

Have I ever stopped to think that the impulse to “blow off steam” and say something unkind or even vicious will, if followed through, hurt me far more seriously than the person to whom the insult is directed? I must try constantly to quiet my mind before I act with impatience or hostility, for my mind can be – in that very real way – an enemy as great as any I’ve ever known.

Will I look before I leap, think before I speak, and try to avoid self-will to the greatest extent possible?

Today I Pray
May I remember that my blow-ups and explosions, when they are torrents of accusations or insults, hurt me just as much as the other person. May I try not to let my anger get to the blow-up stage, simply by recognizing it as I go along and stating it as a fact.

Today I Will Remember
Keep a loose lid on the teapot.

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