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12th December
DECEMBER 12 Reflection for the Day

These days, if I go through an experience that is new and demanding, I can do so in a spirit of confidence and trust. Thanks to Gamblers Anonymous and the Twelve Steps of Recovery, I’ve come to know that God is with me in all places and in all endeavours. His Spirit is in me as well as in the people around me. As a result, I feel comfortable even in new situations and at home even among strangers.

Will I continue to flow along and grow along with the Program, trusting in the love of God at work in me and in my life?

Today I Pray
May God’s comfort be with me in all situations, familiar or new. May He rebuild the sagging bridge of my confidence. May I acknowledge God in me and in others around me. May that mutual identity in God help me communicate with people on a plane of honesty. If I can learn to trust God, I can learn to trust the ones who share this earth with me.

Today I will Remember
God teaches me how to trust.

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