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I need help quick....Any Blefast/Northern ireland links??
It is great that you have admitted your problems, and it does sound like you are ready to give up gambling. A compulsive gambler like you and me cannot try to give up for a week or a month, it has to be a lifetime commitment. I must admit it is a hard choice, but one that can transform your life.

There is a meeting tomorrow (monday) night in Belfast at Ehssr Community Centre. The address is on the Map on the Meetings tab on the home page. There will be people who you can relate to and give you that ear to talk to.

Please come back and let us know how you get on.

My name is Chris and my last bet was 26th September 2009.
My name is Marko and i am a compulsive gambler.
I know exactly how you feel most of us on this site you i feel every thing has gone as well.Then i remind my self
Off This. .do i have my i have my your case you have youth on your side.not that age matters in recovery.
You have made the right step by comeing to this site you wont be judged we will understand you.
And the advice you will get really will help many of the blogers who post on this site are recovering and have been for some time.
So you are not alone.

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