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i was scared
Hi Suzie and welcome.
You will find great support here. And this will help you on the road to recovery.
I am also in the very early stages of recovery.Its great that your partner is supporting you.But i would reccommend you contact GA.
Best of luck and God bless
I am very aware will power alone will not suffice and i have looked into the meetings in our area and am going to try my hardest to make each and every one i can, due to hubbys work schedule kids etc i know i am going to have to be strong as well as go to the meetings. i have already closed my accounts and given my husband my debit cards and he now has full control over the money, he has said he will give me money when i need some for shopping etc but thats it really we are opening a new account in joint names and he alone will have the debit cardsand has said he will check the account daily. i know if i gamble again i will probably lose him and i am not willing to do that and take the biggest risk of my life, he turned my life around when we met 16 years ago and has stood by me through so much all because in his words last night ' I should leave you, but i wont because i love you and i love the kids too much' he also said he loves what he and i have as a couple and to destroy that would be huge mistake.
he really is my rock and its simple now if i gamble again i will lose him i just have to bite the bullet and be very honest with him.
suzie x

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