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im on the end off the road now
hi to everyone in here.
first off all im glad that i found that forum and i hope it will help me stay away from gambling.
i banned myself from all my gaming sites and (that was the hardest part) i told my husband what i done because i lost thousands and i just have a part time job.
i dont know what i can do now because im feeling so dirty and false and my husband said he will help me but i dont know why because i dont like myself for doing sooo stupid things to our relationship and i ruined our life in a very bad way.
i always said when i see a report from gamblers how stupid can they are to gamble all the money away and now im in the same boat, it is the same as years ago i had anorexia and in the end off that i was stop eating completely and that was a stupid thing to do but as i see now i have not learned from it.
what can i do?
there is no chance for me to go to a meeting because there are non in my area because i have no car or driving license and because im german my english on the phone is not that good as well .
hope i will find some help in here.
thanks very much in advance sannie
Hi sannie.
My name is marko.
First of all You have started the road to recovery by comeing to this site.
Like you. and most of the people on this site i have lost a lot materially.
But in hindsite i lost a lot more then money i lost my self respect i very nearly lost my family and my health has been affected.
The one thing i am beginning to accept is the money has gone.and belive me i lost a lot.but my family is still here. i can and will change.
I will never recover financially but if i can find peace of mind i dont care.The advice you will receive on this site is sound advice given by people who have gone through what You have been wont be judged because like you we all have the same illness.and the stories of there recovery and how things in there life have improved will really help.
God bless and take care.
Sannie,i too have been unable to attend meetings for the same reasons as you. i have found church helps.i do believe it is virtually impossible to combat this addiction with willpower alone.going to meetings or a group helps to keep us grounded and to me is a reminder of what i am-a compulsive helps with spirituality and has also helped me with begining to forgive myself for what i put my family through.whatever you chose to do good luck.x

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