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Can I live with this forever

I have been with my partner for 9 years and we have just booked our wedding for next year.

I found out he was a gambler 3 years ago. I stupidly believed that he would stop the 1st time but I have watched him have many 'weak moments' (as he puts it). I now feel trapped in his vicious circle of him gambling, me finding out, him stopping for a while then it happening again.

Reading different posts has helped me to understand how he must be feeling but I don't know if I can live with this for the rest of my life.

We have no GA meetings anywhere near us, but he is going to speak to a counsellor, he has done this before and my worry is that he is lying to him like he does to me.
Hiya, I have been off it now for 3yrs ,few questions

Where do you live ?

What efforts is your partner making ?

eg,does he have access to money etc ?
my nane is marko and i am a compulsive gambler
I dont think any one can answer your question accept your self.
But it is possible for somebody to stop and live a normal productive life.there are many suscess stories.
on this site.i my self stopped for over twenty five years.i did fall of the wagan but i am in the process of stopping agian its not easy and your partner will need a lot of support.thats were GA comes in even if there are no meetings near you contact them any way for advice and support.may be you could introduce your partner to this site.gambleing is a lonely and soul destroying illness.the more you gamble the more you lose the more alone and desperate you ashamed to disscuss with your partner.thats were we can help you and your partner

i wish you and your partner all the best and god bless.

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