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not sure what to do next

I am not new to gambling, always enjoyed gaming at casinos, the odd bet on a cricket game etc, and recently online poker - that's where the problems started.

My gambling was always manageable in that I never lost money I could not afford. Then about a year ago I lost a large sum of money in a single day playing online poker.

Trying to chase my losses I made some big bets (and lost), bets that were far larger than I would ever have thought I would place, then I decided to take a break, reorganise my life my finances etc. A year on I felt much better and managed to steer clear.

I started making small occasional bets recently and again after a stressful day at work I started playing online poker again, winning a large amount of money, before I knew it I was hooked in again and lost another large sum of money. I'm feeling very ashamed and have not admitted my problem to anyone not even my fiance, I can stay away for a week, a month even but when I get impulsive I tend to lose large sums.

Keen to make sure that I don't relapse again, Im aware I may have a problem but not sure what someone in my situation should do about it.

Any advice appreciated,

hi onliner, welcome to GA

The addiction/Illness can lay dormant for weeks months even years, but will always come back 10 fold when u invite it. This time it was a stressfull day at work. Each time even though you know you will never win, the addiction tells you, that you can,hence why you will bet more to chase the previous losses. Ask yourself when you loose you already said you try to re-coup the loss, but if you had won, would you have wanted to win more? I know i did and couldnt then stop win or loose. Reading your words i feel that you maybe on the edge of a very deep hole, so the choice is urs now. You can chase the next loosing bet down the hole, and struggle to get out, OR look at the rope behind you grab onto it and get urself to a GA meet. Not many CG have choices, well we do we just choose to ignore them as the addiction takes over.
I'm sure if you look on the home page you will find a meeting near you, what have you got to loose by going, then think but i have everything to gain.

Take care onliner
I wish you all the best in your recovery.
Thanks for all the advice and kind words, all very sound and will try and confront the problem now before it becomes too big.

Best wishes to all,

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