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One gambler to another
As an addict myself, I have learned to cope an manage the urges. I last gambled on the 30th April 2004 but have been the victim of a gambler who is both a relative and employee. He has stolen tens of thousands of pounds from my business and cited gambling as the cause. I have tried to be supportive, given the situation, but he has stated that he has a 'sponsor' as oppose to attending meetings, has not mentioned the 12 steps at all, doesn't appear to be referring to any literature and hasn't quoted last gambling dates etc as I used to at meetings. When trying to gain some control, I lived by the Serenity Prayer and still do, I could and still can quote the last bet date, can recite the program. I haven't attended a meeting for more than 5 years, so things may have changed. Can someone put my mind at ease before I confront him and burn those bridges I've left in place for now...


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