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My story of hope, responsibility and giving back
nice share smartie -- i couldnt agree with u more we need to practice 12 steps of recovery in our daily life --going to one or tow meetings a week is not enough for some of us . i see u helping so many people in chat room and that also helps u and me stay stronger --- May the force of GA be with us
I think your posts are extremely inspiring. I have been coming on this forum for a while and, together with Big Dave, I think you provide a tremendous amount of understanding and support for others. It is inspiring to see you have turned your life around and you come across as someone who is genuinely enjoying life again. Last week, I posted for the first time in a long time and your reply meant a lot to me and I thankyou for that.
A big hello to everyone. Dave could you please elaborate on the difference between what you said in your post above.
I am interested and also sure it would help others delaing with their gambling.
Smartie, keep up the good work on your 12 step, this program is growing and helping others who suffer from the disease of cg.
Yours in the GA Unity
Helen Australia

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