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Thank you all
I have just been chatting on this site and as always are logging off feeling so much better than when i logged in, i would like to thank everyone i have spoken to over the last month you have all been so very helpful in my road to recovery, i am a compulsive gambler and have been for many years, hurting myself and so many other people along the way, I havent felt better in all my life since logging on to GA and speaking to all the wonderful people on this site, i am not cured and i am not that silly to think i will never gamble again, but the progress i have made over the last month since joining GA and speaking to people who know what it is like to be a compulsive gambler to me has been amazing, tonight i put my 4 year old boy to bed and told him i love him (as i always do) but lay there with him and usually i would be thinking on what my next bet or (fix) as i call it now would be and tonight i just thought about how lucky i am to have discovered GA and had the courage to log on and talk, i know it is very early stages but from talking on the GA site in the last month it seems like I have been on here for years and I know this is only the first step in my recovery and the road is long but a least I have chosen the right road, so thanks again to all of you, you know who you are and any one reading this who is new to GA I beg you save yourselfs like I have chosen to save myself it took to long for me dont wait as long as me, there is hope I promise you that, my additicion i couldnt control and still cannot control but I am managing it at present, one day at a time thats all I can do and now my favorite fraze is one day at a time, because that works for me, thanks for listening, take care and wish anyone who reads this all the very best from a loving person who is a compulsive gambler, take care and remember one day at a time.........

thanks for listening

Love Lee (maverick)XXXX - ps it would not let me submit this under my user name thanks

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