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husbands help
hi Aimes.

I total agree with you the on line gaming casino been the dowm fall of many of us.
As a good friend of mine said if they can give you a sum of money just to jion they no they cant loose.
No body gives you money for free.i my case internet gambleing made me ten times worse.
Instant access to credit cards.and so on .But in my case it was like i was playing a computer game the fact that i was winning and looseing
Thousands of pounds. i did not have. Did not register with me as i was in kind of a trance like state.i think its because you dont handle the cash
Its just numbers spinning around.then when its all gone and your cards are maxed out its only then you realise what you have just done.
heres something that shows how they prey on the addicted recently i gambled and won a small amount when i tried to withdraw the money
they said i would have to proof my age i asked them how come i could deposit but not withdraw.heres the funny part they said they did not wont to spoil ther customers fun.I wont name the casino.but its one of the biggist in the world.what hyprocracy in the last year i deposited ten of thousands.
Dear Aimes1980,

Thankyou for sharing your experience.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) is a 'twelve step fellowship'. The twelve steps of recovery are a wonderful tool to aid you on the road to recovery. Consider a person wanting to travel from Edinburgh to London. They may want to get there for quite some time before they realise that one way is to get in a car and drive themselves. If they are driving their car and they get a puncture, it doesn't really matter what particular vehicle they have, their journey will be hampered. It will be a setback. Even with the best toolkit and a spare wheel in the boot, they would be best advised to stop, get out of the driving seat and either (a) change the flat tyre themself or (b) call for assistance. Having done that they can continue their journey, but there is no guarantee that another puncture will not occur.

Your husband cannot stop gambling for you. Uploading/downloading/excluding/restricting access to finance etc etc is all very well but you have to want to stop gambling. Unity Step Three says "The only requirement for GA membership is a desire to stop gambling". Gambling will always be prevalent in our society. It has been all my life and it seems likely that it will be for all yours too. Recovery Step One says "We admitted we were powerless over gambling - that our lives had become unmanageable". Taking this step will enable you to move forwards onto recovery step two. Step one admits you have a problem and in the vehicle/puncture scenario this is you realising the vehicle sounds 'funny'. By working the remaining steps you can stop the vehicle, have any damage repaired, get the wheel changed and continue on your journey - perhaps picking up a hitchhiker along the route.

There are a lot of positives you have mentioned including a loving supporting husband and attendance at GA meetings. You are in the vehicle. You know you've had a puncture. Your husband may have re-inflated the tyre - but it may go down again. You know where the tools are. You have to use them. "Step" meetings are not everyone's 'cup of tea', however if you haven't already attended one I would strongly suggest that you do so at your earliest opportunity. Ask the trusted servants at your group where the nearest one is - they may even be regular attenders. Other gambling opportunities will present themselves in your future and it is in your best interests to aquaint yourself with the tools to handle temptation and a method of moving along that road to recovery. Don't worry about "other online gamblers", concentrate, for the time being, on getting the best recovery you can. Recovery Step Twelve comes at the end of the first eleven recovery steps and says "Having made an effort to practice these principles in all our affairs, we tried to carry this message to other compulsive gamblers".

Please do discuss this 'feedback' at your local GA meeting.

"Meetings Make It"

Yours in GA unity

'Poster' David

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