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Need help desperately.
Hi All,
I've seen this website but never plucked up the courage to speak openly about my addiction.
I have been gambling continously on and off for probably 30 years and realised today it is time to get help.
After gambling away thousands on Friday which I certainly couldn't afford I felt sick to the pit of my stomach and thought what is the point of living, my family would be better off without me, certainly financially as I have a large death policy.
I hate feeling sorry for myself when others have far more to put up with in their lives than me.
If betting shops had never intoduced roulette machines or the internet online gambling I wouldn't be in this position.
I will be going to my local GA meeting next week and hope they can help me and give me some advice on debt.

Hi Steve.

I hope its just the guilt talking when you say your family would be better off with out you.
I know how you feel.and have even said the same thing to my self after i bankrupt my family.
But ask your self this.whitch would the rather have.a million pounds or peace of mind.
would you sell a member of your family for any amount of money ?dont think so
well what do you thing your family would rather have.there dad. partner. son. brother.
Think about what it would do to them.thats what stopped me from doing something really stupid.
I hope you find help and peace.
Hi Steve, I know how you feel, most of us have thought about suicide in some point. It looks like the easiest way to finish it off, but dont forget about your loved ones and the pain it will cause to them. Debts are not the end of the world, you can manage that, most important thing is that you admit you need help, and you certainly can get help in GA. Life is beautiful thing, never forget that. Good luck in finding strenght, mate, you are not alone.

Hi Steve,
Firstly you have made the initial step to stop gambling as you are seeking help so well done, I have six months under my belt at GA and my life has turned round dramaticly, I am not saying its easy as it is far from it and takes a lot of comitment, It is a masive step to attend the first meeting but dont worry eveyone there has been in the same position, I am chairing for the first time this week and nervously looking forward to it as going to the group has rebuilt my confidence also. I wish you all the best and good look with your meeting, all I will say is give the meetings a chance.

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