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progress at 21 months
so were do i begin in terms of progress ill outline were i was 21 months ago dead end job, small income,lost morgage,ruined my partners life and sold everything i owned.I was potless all i had was the destruction i had left behind to deal with and as i stood there 17 sept 2009 with pills in hand ready to end it all,i thought of the mess i would be leaving behind to every person that had already had to deal with my mess for years.At that point i relised how selfish i had been after all everyone had done i was going to just stick two fingers up no way im not a bad person i was just lost and blind to what was happening in my own world.It was time to leave my own little world and give the real world a try for everyones effort but mainly for myself i was 21 and hadnt even lived life like everyone else i just spent my days in the dark rooms in my own world.So i went alone to my 1st meeting and was inspired instantly by peoples storys of achivement by just hard work all i wanted they had and they didnt gamble a penny yet they had everything plus more of what i wanted.I began the hard work instantly by booking my theory driving test something i had put of for years due to rather spending my money elsewere.I studied all week long put as much effort and time in as i did gambling to keep busy.I passed 1st time then got on with my pratical spending money i thought i didnt have for driving lessons shortly after i got a car with money i also thought i never had i passed my test within 2 months due to hard work.After i thought what will my next target be a career i choose the army infantry one of the most challenging jobs to get into a lot of time sweat and effort went into this more then anything i have done before but with the ga group we made it throw selection into training and throw training into the infantry pwrr.i am now training to deploy to afgan sept 28th and although there is a lot to do i know im capible due to my journey completely created by the atmosphere and help of ga im also getting married to my wife to be aug 18th next year thank you so much to havant ga and my wife to be for sticking by me throw all this even after i ruined are lifes.Thank you ga im still aware of it but i got the tools to deal with it thanks to you good luck everyone and i hope ur as happy as me.
Dear Carter,

Thankyou for taking the time to contact the forum. Feedback on attending actual Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings is most welcome, Persons reading can see that, in your experience, GA works.
You write "i went alone to my 1st meeting and was inspired instantly by peoples storys of achivement by just hard work all i wanted they had and they didnt gamble a penny yet they had everything plus more of what i wanted". It may seem truly incredible to any compulsive gambler reading this that you found people who were like you (compulsive gamblers) yet didn't bet and had the material items you were striving to 'win'. This was exactly my experience too, in a different GA meeting, in a different part of the country. I too felt inspired - firstly to attend my second meeting and secondly to start doing just some of the things I had been putting off, procrastinating, waiting for that elusive "big win" to do the work for me. Your new career is "one of the most challenging jobs" but very rewarding I would imagine? I am sure there will be dark days in the desert. Drawing on your GA experience will help you through, one day at a time.
Well done, outstanding progress is visible from your description in just a short while. It all started with attending your first GA meeting and making that decision not to place a bet. I have awoken early this morning and made the same decision - not to place a bet today.

Have you considered writing to "NewLife" - the GA magazine, written and published by GA members, for GA members? I am sure the editor would welcome an article from you Carter. You could pack a copy with you for inspiration, when you are on tour and unable to get to a regular GA meeting. See your group literature secretary who should be able to supply a hard copy. Remember though that the editor can only print a copy when sufficient material has been received.

Yours in GA unity.

'Poster' David
Hi There,
Comend you for turning your life around, I'm an ex squaddie and been to Afghan, the best advice I can give you is keep your head down and listen to the lads with experience around you, never be afraid to ask about anything!!
I go to my first GA meeting tonight and think I'd rather do a 6 month tour against the Taliban.


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