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Hi im jay im a CG last bet end may11,

Just going through the forum pages, 27 PAGES WITH 25 POSTS ON EACH DATING BACK TO 2009 !! Thats 675 posts,Reading a few, im not amazed by the way ppl come across, they are all different stories by individuals , but ultimatly the same! THE SAME DESPAIR , THE SAME LIES , THE SAME DEBT (DIFFERENT AMOUNTS), THE SAME SADNESS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THE SAME DESPERATION OF SEEKING HELP. Most importantly anyone new reading this, read some of the other posts here randomly pick the pages, and realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND HELP IS OUT THERE IF YOU WANT IT. I recently passed my year since attending GA meets on this day their was only 2 ppl there who was there the 1st time i went and like this site ppl dissapear, leave the programme offerd to them which makes them better, WHO KNOWS what happens to them, but by attending my meets regually i see ppl come back after a few months, they went back to gambleing after thinking they can do it alone.Rough with the smooth 1 week u celebrate sum1 acheivent but the next week you maybe consoling some1 on a slip.Both inncidents are important to my recovery they remind me where i can be and where i was, if i didnt attend my meets each week, i know i would get complacent and feel i would no longer need GA.

GA for me is for life, after all whats 2 hours a week for the greater rewards it offers, and logiclly speaking a month of GA meetings for me was less than a day gambleing!

MEETINGS MAKE if you want to stop get to one ! The excuses of carnt get to 1, or no money, or i have kids dont really pull off on me personally (my opinion) as you had all 3 of the above whilst gambleing and it didnt stop you then did it ?

Give GA 90 days if its for you , you will be happier within urself and life, if its not for you, the door is always open when u feel it is time to stop completly.


Take care everyone Enjoy your recovery x
Hi nottingham 2009,
It's great that you have chosen to commit to ga by attending meetings to turn your life around and i love the advice you offer regarding recovery. When i first started my journey of recovery i too found it difficult to understand why people wouldn't put the same time and effort in as they would with their active gambling. One thing i have learn't is that everyone is at different stages in their lives regarding wanting to change and i can't afford to let someone else slip or disappearance from ga affect my recovery. When i attended ga at the beginning i found it frustrating that people would come and go but now i accept the fact i can't change anyone except myself but i can support the people who want it. it's a sad fact that only 3 people out of every hundred that walk through the door of ga get long term recovery from this illness but it makes me even more determined to make sure i am one of those three by working as hard as i can.
I wish you good luck with your recovery and hope you keep in touch.

My name is scott and i will always be a recovering compulsive gambler.

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