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my life
HI I AM NEW TO THIS SITE ,WELL NEW TO REALISING I HAVE A PROBLEM , I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLYONE WHO IS CONTROLLED BY THIS HORRIBLE MONSTER. I WAS WRONG READING SOME OF THE STORIES IN THE FORUM MADE ME REALISE I AM NOT ON MY OWN ALTHOUGH I FEEL SO ALONE.i have gambled for years started with scratchcatrds,then to the bookies on the roulette i had my first biggish win i was so happy thought id go back the next day and test my luck,after a good few months i new i was addicted but not knew it was a real problem i could still control it so i thought .years later the great online gambling came to my attention big mistake and now completly controls my life i have no life at the moment .i am trying so hard

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