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My Very Real Story...
Hello, I am radying myself for my first visit to my local GA meeting next Tuesday, something in truth I wish I had done many moons ago.

I am a successfull - wait a minute, I was a successful business man who had everything at my fingertips, the world was my Oyster... I had one failing, Gambling.

I moved from horses to sports, to spread betting, I placed bets on events that I knew nothing about, favouring tennis players with russain sounding names thinking that made them unbeatable? Football teams that were 1-0 up with 5 minuts to go that could NEVER conceed a goal in the last few minutes and Beach Volleyball players that may have won the odd set assuming that if they could win once they could win again...

Does any of the above seem a little familiar?? Totally irrational, this goes beyond gambling on horses that are odds on, this takes gamblng to the total extreme, and this is how it extremely ALMOST ruined my life.

I begged, borrowed and stole to satisfy my irrational gambling habits, I wont quote values or figures because I think this is irrelavent, for those interested I wouldnt be suprised if I could of purchased a new house outright from my past irrational gambling sprees.

On the 5th day of July 2011 I have been dismissed from my dream job, I have lost most of my family (for the time being) and I have totally destroyed the relationship I had built with my partners parents, who both trusted me to look after their little girl.

Anyway, I am going to fight this head on, it isnt easy, made easier by the fact I have no money anyway at the moment and am already a personal bankrupt (in this instance not through gambling) so I cant obtain credit, my girlfriend recently found out I had taken out high APR loans in her name... You are totally welcome to judge, I deserve to be judged.

I guess with everything coming out over the past 10 days it has given me an opportunity to really place my life in my own hands - as it should have always been, to mature as I have obviously failed to do so and to stop using excuses such as a poor upbringing, my father passing and lack of family support.

I am praying that with my will power, and GA meetings that things will soon make sense and that I can take each day as it comes but make my life better with that day, bit by bit which in turn will improve the life of my girlfriend, my little boy and my little girl who is due to be born on the 16th of October.

My advise before I even attend my first meeting is be honest, tell people, most importantly tell your partner everything because without my partner and her support I dont think I could do this alone.

Take care,


Your storey is my storey and many others here.
I hope you find peace and support. you have tough but worth while battle ahead
But you find all the support you need from GA and this site.
God bless

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