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Thanks for your story Sue, you are not alone I can assure you, stay strong you are on the right track logging on here and sharing your story it helps alot of people believe me, I am a compulsive gambler trying to stop I have tried many different things and at the moment have quit, it is tough and so hard like all compulsive gamblers will tell you, I stayed off it for 6 weeks and had never done that before and then unfortunatley slipped up, off it again now it seems like all my good work went down the drain, but it just made me realise where I was going wrong, I tried to stop without going to GA meetings thought I could do it on my own - I was wrong I couldnt, on the right track now, I wish you all the best and if you ever need a chat long on to this live chat site it was very helpful to me in the past, take care and all the best.


a friend

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