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19 and gambling
Hi jonny.

You seem to be showing the signs of having a problem.
The good thing is you are facing up to it at a early age.
i my self had a gambling problem from a young age.i realised it and stopped for over twenty five years
i had a productive life while i was ant gambling i had a family home and a job i enjoyed.
Now its all gone.i am clinically depressed and bankrupt.stopping is never easy you will need support.
i would tell your parents as you will need some one you trust to take care of your cash till you
are strong fight this illness and it is a illness and it is guess is you came to this site soon after your last lose
After a while the sting of the lose will reduce and that's when you are venerable i could win it back and so on
Well from bitter experience i can tell you you cant even if you win you lose because you are feeding the illness.Here are some practical.
Steps you can take. contact GA.turn over all your cash to somebody you trust.if you have a credit card.get rid of it only carry cash for essentials
stay away from the Internet for a while if possible if its not. surf with somebody beside you.try to find a hobby or intrest to fill the gap{ very inportant}
At this early stage of your life its all ahead of you dont throw it all is important in life but if i was given the opportunity to choose money
or peace of mind i would choose peace.take care and god bless

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