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It hurts it hurts BAD!
Good afternoon all

I am marcus 23 and i am a compulsive gambler!!!

I will cut the whole story short but started when i was 16 and as i got older its just got WORST!! I have been on this site in the chat rooms and thought i would post here! Today i have actualy broke down and cried my heart out!! I have lost everything i have owned and maxed my bank account and even borrowed money 2 gamble which i add needs to be paid back today!! I have been sitting at home crying itching my head what to do, so i have took a major step and i have txt my dad and i am currentlet waiting for him to ring me now and i am ready 2 reveal all!! I hate what i have become over the last few years since my beloved mom has passed away, i said to myself i will stop for her when she passed but if anything i have just got worse!! I really do want to stop and i can see the impact its having on my family (brother) at home as i have just discovered he has had hes car taken due to council tax non payments and i feel as i live here i am responsebile for that aswell <!-- sSad --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt="Sad" title="Sad" /><!-- sSad --> !!! I really do hope i can get out of the rutt i am in and i just want to return back to the happy chappy i once was!! Thanks for listening people

Hi Marcus,

I too came not only to an all time low recently but also came to finally after 15 or more years of gambling admitted to myself I have a serious problem and not only need it to stop, but I WANT it to stop. I many of times tried to stop but time and time again SLIPPED! I also have found not only is it near impossible to do on your own but at the same time you are not alone. GA meetings are by far the only working answer I have found after many years of this horrifying battle. I have only been to one but has made me feel unbeleivably positive. If you asked me monday where do I see my life going I would not have been able to answer that. Ask me today and I will say where ever I choose it to take me. Because as mad as it may seem it is our CHOICE yes CHOICE what the future holds. So if you truly really want out of this life choose to and work at it. All the best buddy, Dave.

My name is Dave I am a compulsive gambler and for today I have not gambled.

P.S give the meetings a go.

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