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hi im new and i need help
hi im 21 and am addicted to gambling. i really need help to stop or i will lose everyone thats close to me. they all no i gamble but they think ive stopped but its actually got alot worse. ive ran up debts that i cant afford to pay. i need to stop. i cant get to meetings as they are to far away so ive came online to try and get a bit of help from anywere. any help will be appreciated.

Morning Rooney,

Attendance at Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings is the best way I found to stop gambling. If you live in the United Kingdom then there are meetings nationwide. I would urge you to attend one. Most people wouldn't try to run a marathon in bare feet, so why not use the FULL facilities of the Gamblers Anonymous fellowship to help you to stop gambling.

'Poster' David
thanks for the replies. the nearest meeting is an hour drive away and i dont drive and there isnt any buses at the times. ive been coming on this website every day in the past week and reading different stories ect and so far its keeping me from gambling. i read about the meeting on a thurs nyt on the live chat and i will hopefully be able to get on this week but if not ill definatly b on next week. really want to give up so am going to try everything this time. and ino with the support from everyone on this ill have a chance.


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