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My life at rock bottom
Hi my name is Michael, and i am a compulsive gambler.

I have been gambling ever since secondary school when it started from penny up the wall leading on to blackjack and various card games. Ever since Fixed odds betting terminals have been introduced my life has gone down hill. Thousands and thousands of pounds have been lost.I am still only 23 yrs old married with children and do not want this to have an impact on my wife and kids. I have come across people who have been gambling for much longer periods and have ruined their lives but yet it does not frighten me. I have had therapy and various forms of counselling but yet no success.

I try to be strong willed and on way home from work, try to avoid bookies but no success and only realise the damage caused after the event . I dont know how to stop i think about gambling throughout the day at work when i am at home I have lost all family interests and spiralling out of control. My Father knows that I gamble and has bailed me out several times but has stopped as he sees nothing has changed.

These roulette machines are my biggest downfall, I have lied, cheated all those that I love.
I have incurred huge amounts of debts and no way to pay it back.I have borrowed from one to pay the other and has become a vicious triangle. I have deprived my wife and kids of the basics.

My closest friends have abandoned me I have lost all credibility in the eyes of other and has made my life very depressing.
I have been to several Ga meetings and stopped as I thought I was able to end this addiction but proved unsuccessful.

I hope GA will keep me strong and hopefully one day get over this addiction.
Thanks for reading.
My name is Michael
and I am a compulsive Gamber.

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