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Family member is gambler

One of my family members is a gambler and is at an all time low. How can I get him to come to a meeting or at least admit he needs help?
my son of 16 is gambling, ive been told that he has a bad problem with gambling. When i confronted him, he said that he has not (in denile i know), he is steeling money when he can and borrowing when he can, i have seen text'es from friends telling him he better not be in the betting shop. When asked about all this he has an answer for it all which makes sense to him but not any one else, i fill like i am talking to a brick wall or talking in a diffrent langauge, we are a normal family with no gambling going on, with good morals, just normal, just keep thinking it mit be something that we have done wrong as pearants. Were do you start as a pearant will he be like this for ever, i just dont know?

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