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1 day ata time
My name is Andy and Im a compulsiive gambler,and I havent had a bet for 450 days or since May 20th 2010.It seems like a long time,but only feels like yesterday that I was hard at it losing all of my hard earned money to the stinking bookies.But Im always only 1 day away from a bet and no matter what distance I put between,I as with all gamblers,have to be on guard at ALL times.I havent been attending meetings as much as I should but that is very difficult with the current climate.I am still in heaps of debt,all from my last big binge 15 months ago,and Im sure even if I dont gamble for another 15 months IL still be in debt,if Im still alive and kicking.Life as we all know it is very tough and brings very little joy if Im honest,but at least Im not lining the pocket of the stinking bookie and not getting deeper in debt.While Im not gambling I have some kind of hope of trying to get back to a life ive forgotton about,before gambling.I gambled so many years away,I forgot what my life was like before I discovered gambling.I guess I am slowly finding myself again after 25 years of gruesome punishment and horrific pain,all from the gambling disease.I hope I never gamble again,as I HATE GAMBLING,it has destroyed my life,and everything that was good,has gone,some will never come back,but I can only tackle the disease 1 day at a time.Andy.
hi M8 thank you for sharing your story and well done in your recovery like you said one day at the time My name is Stephen also a compslive gambler as well last bet and gamble for me was in 2004 have a new life now keep on posting your story m8 your friend in ga Stephen

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