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Broken hearted partner
Hi struggleing,
Your partner shared the same trates as me when i was gambleing, it was always my problem and i would sort it.Unfortuannly for my partner i was the best liar in the world and manipulate money in a way that it would soon become my partners fault i gambled.I to would get aggresive vocally about it, blaming everyone else except myself, at this time i didnt have a problem or an addiction after all i was only having a bet.Unfortuanlly for my own sittuation my partner left me and took my kid with her, as u can imagine i hated her, but even then in the next few months after i had endless opputunities to make it better and see my kid but i chose to gamble more blaming my ex partner for this as "she" caused it !
It wasnt till i sought help from GA attended meets i suddendly realized i didnt hate my ex. she was only looking after herself and my daughters best intrests, after all theirs only so many pot noodles u can feed a kid ! I am now in recovery im taking each day at a time, i now see my daughter again , i get on with my ex. we had a long talk about my addiction and she understood, we will never get back together, but at least my daughter is happy and healthy, and i ask myself everyday if she had not had left would she be happy and healthy, my answer would be no, shamefully said.
Im not saying leave ur partner or stay with him ect only urself can decide this as every1's circumstances are different , just make sure you and your child are fincially safe, and can afford the little things like eating !

I wish you all the best in your choices you now have to make , the chat room here is always open if u require anymore help, read the other stories on the forums.

Im jay last bet 88 days ago.

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