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Broken hearted partner
Hi I am new to this site, and was searching for a similar story to mine and yours sounds similar.
For years my partner has been a gambler and every time he blows money things have got steadily worse. we are now under debt management under the condition that if we get into more debt that they will not help us.
Our budget is so tight we have a very small social budget for a family of four per month.
My partner has just waisted money which does not seem much but when you have as little as we have it is huge!
Its the deciet that kills me, the feeling of dread when i realise he has managed to find a way to do it again dispite my vigilance in holding the household money and not giving him access to my account. I feel a mug and have stopped talking about my partner to friends because the pain is written all over my face and I dont want to give anything away.
He has dabbled in GA and we even had the oppertunity for free specialist councelling but there has been no real commtment.
We are facing bankruptsy and I am afraid this small blow will put us out with our debt management people.
I decided a while back that i could not cope with the debt collectors anymore and the only way was to ask an outside agency to help. my bottom line was if that fails then he will have to go. what scares me is that my bottom line keeps changing. when is it right to leave, is it right at all, am I a mug to stay or the loyal loving partner. its very lonely and confusing. sadly there is no gamanon here and i cant afford to travel. i hope your partner faces this with real committment otherwise it is a long lonely road. All good wishes go with you x

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