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Reflection for the Day August 24th
AUGUST 24 Reflection for the Day

Some of us, after we’ve taken the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and then the Seventh Step, sit back and simply wait for our Higher Power to remove our shortcomings. The Gamblers Anonymous Program reminds us of the story of St. Francis working in a beautiful garden. A passerby said, "You must have prayed very hard to get such beautiful plants to grow." The good saint answered, "Yes, I did. But every time I started to pray, I reached for the hoe." As soon as our "wait" is changed to "dig," the promise of the Seventh Step begins to become reality.

Do I expect my Higher Power to do it all?

[img]Today I Pray
May I not just pray and wait - for my Higher Power to do everything. Instead may I pray as I reach for the tools the Program gives me. May I ask now for guidance on how I can best use these precious tools.

Today I Will Remember
Pray and act.
August 25 Reflection for the Day

Without freedom from compulsive gambling, we have nothing. Yet we can't be free of our obsession to gambling until we become willing to deal with the character deflects that brought us to our knees. If we refuse to work on our glaring deflects, we'll almost certainly return to our addiction. If we stay clean with a minimum of self-improvement, perhaps we'll settle into a comfortable but dangerous sort of limbo for a while. Best of all, if we continuously work the Steps, we'll assuredly find true and lasting freedom under God.

Am I walking with confidence that I'm at last on the right path?

Today I Pray
May God show me that freedom from gambling addiction is an insecure state unless I can be freed also of my compulsions. May God keep me from a half-hearted approach to the Program, and make me know that I cannot be spiritually whole if I am torn apart by my own dishonesty and selfishness.

Today I Will Remember
Half-hearted, I cannot be whole.

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