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frist meeting terrors
Hi, I have just registered and thinking of going to my first meeting. Im terrified as I used to go to another 12 step group (for living with an alcoholic) and I had a mental breakdown there which I have never recovered from fully. I turned to gambling and now Im in an even worse mess!!!! I guess what I need is initial contact on here to help me get the courage to go. I know I need help.
Thank you smartie for your kind reasuring words, it helped very much and what I needed. I will take your advice as I know I need to go somewhere so Im not alone with this. May your God go with you as with me (hug). Suzanne
i went to my first meeting last week and found it very welcoming and very helpful, i will continue to go for the foreseable
im going to cheers smartie good luck in your recovery as well
I am going with my son for his first meeting tonight .. Really have no idea who is the more nervous .Basically this is our first time at anything connected with any form of addictions and my prayers i hope are answered ..

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