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trying to get started
I am a compulsive gambler, im married with children, and terrified of losing them. I hide my addiction from my wife, although not very well. I love her and i am ashamed, I want to tell her everything,try to start fresh, attend GA... and most of all live an honest open life ...even while i write this I haven't had the courage to talk to her.. the outcome of the conversation scares me.. she would be within her rights to turn her back on me.
she knows something is wrong and knows Ive had problems before. she is suspicious of me and I dont deserve her patience, I hate the fact that my behavior is causing her stress
i need to face this,, if i have any chance of saving myself from destruction... I cant beat it without help .. I now can see that.
I know I have to talk to my wife and be open and honest... I know I have to face the consequences.
But god im scared of losing my family, and my wife..
I always put this off, and therefor cant start to recover.
I want to be someone she admires, I am embarrased by what I am
I read your post and I urge you to sit down with the wife and tell her as much as you can then go to a meeting. The feeling will be one of relief and then you can start living one day at a time and abstaining from gambling.

Thats the main thing, she has loved you for years so maybe there will be relief all round, you obviously love her so its time to come clean, confront stopping and staying stopped.



All i can say is act now before its to late.
I have lost my family due to my selfish and Greedy behavior.
Trust me when i say living alone in a small crumy flat.broke lonley and to be honest hungry because i blew my food money is the most horrible
feeling in the world.i blame nobody but my self. week after week i recived good advice on this forum.but i new better i was going to win and win big
Ha the thing is i did and it just made me worse so i wish you the best do what ever you have to to stop.
God Bless

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