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Reflection for the Day August 27 & 28th
August 27 Reflection for the Day

Taking a long hard look at those deflects I'm unwilling or reluctant to give up, I ought to rub out the rigid lines I've drawn. Perhaps, in some cases, I'll then be able to say, "Well, this one I can't give up yet.... The one thing I shouldn't say: " This one I'll never give up." The minute we say, " No, never," our minds close against the grace of God. Such rebelliousness, as we have seen in the experiences of others, may turn out to be fatal. Instead, we should abandon limited objectives and begin to move toward God's will for us.

Am I learning never to say never?

Today I Pray
May God remove any blocks of rebellion that make me balk at changing my undesirable qualities. Out of my delusion that I am "unique" and "special" and somehow safe from consequences, I confess to God that I have deified the natural laws of health and sanity, along with Divine laws of human kindness. May God drain away the deface that is such a protected symptom of my addiction.

Today I Will Remember
Defiance is an offspring of delusion.

August 28 Reflection for the Day

"Prayer does not change God," wrote Soren Keirkgaard,"but it changes him who prays." Those of us in the Gamblers Anonymous Program who've learned to make regular use of prayer would no more do without it than we'd turn down sunshine, fresh air, or food - and for the same reason. Just as the body can wither ad fail for lack of nourishment, so can the soul. We all need the light of God's reality, the nourishment of His strength, and the atmosphere of His grace.

Do I thank the God of my understanding for all that He has given e, for all that He has taken away from me, and for all that He has left me?

Today I Pray
Dear Higher Power: I want to thank you for spreading calm over my confusion, for making the jangled chords of my human relationships harmonize again, for putting together the shattered pieces of my Humpty Dumpty self, for giving me as an abstinence present a whole great expanded world of marvels and opportunities. May I remain truly Yours. Yours truly.

Today I Will Remember
Prayer, however simple, nourishes the soul.

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