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Never felt the need to gamble more than i do now :-s
After falling out with my sponsor, i have never felt the need to gamble as much i want to right now. I dont have the money, but will have a large amount on friday, and everyday ive been thinking about what sort of bets im going to do on that roulette wheel.. red, black, 1st and 2nd section? odd, even??...

All week my sponsor has been telling me to go to an AA meeting, yes, and AA meeting, even though im not an alcoholic. He said the reason for this is because different ppl from all sorts of different groups go there, and its all along the same guidelines of addiction. I text him telling him ive been working late nearly every night this week, and havent seen my gf, so ill be seeing her so i cant go to aa meeting. not just that, but i go to g.a every money as it is! i also said i understand if you dont want to be my sponsor, this was on thursday, and ive heard NOTHING back.

Now i really don't want to go to g.a on monday, things might be really awkward, but im so determined now to win back a fraction of the money i lost about a week ago.

really confused Confused

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