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mobile gambling
Hi All,

Does anyone know how to block gambling on a mobile phone? My phone provide have blocked it when I access through their network, however if I turn on the wireless connection and go through my router at home I can get onto any of the websites.

Try logging into your router and seeing if it has parental controls where you can block it. Otherwise, its worth looking into openDNS which you can set your router to use which has site filtering on it, but you will need to check if it will block the sites you want to block or if you can add additional ones to the list.

If you do the blocking at the router, then it won't matter what device you use to access the internet via your router as the blocking will apply to all of them.

Hope this helps.
Good evening,
If you phone your mobile supplier then ask for a block to go on it. My husband has the equivalent of an under 18yrs block on his and can therefore not access gambling sites.

Hope this helps

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