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need to stop.
Hi all, just wanted to share my highs and lows that i have had over the last 2 months. My problem has been going on for about 10 years it was not anything big just the odd bet here or there but every now and then i would do a big bet, and 9 times out of 10 lose, but it got really bad a couple of months back, my other half was out and i had a bit of debt but had worked hard the week before, so thought i would play roulette within a few hours i was down a lot, and near tears, so put another large amount in my account and put it all on odd, and got it back with intrest, i have never felt so good at the time of having won a big lump of money. The other thing i was thinking my other half is expecting a baby later on this year, so i was thinking well that was easy, i will try and get some more and we will be ok, how wrong was i, was up, that was enough for us to survive, but i loved the thought of winning and got greedy and wanted more, i thought if i could win just a litte a day we would be ok. that money went and within 2 months i had gambled a hue amount for me, so i had 1 more bet but i was not satsfied with winning here and there i lost big so wanted it all back, i did get it all back about 10 days ago turned it into loads, and the feeling was increadble i wont lie, but i wanted more, i was debt free and looking to buy a car, but had a few days of work this week and thought i won that much i will do it again, won another amount but had one last big bet and i said this is it iam done, lost, and that was it, I lost that plus another large amount, everyone will say yeah but you have some left, but the problem is not the money for me its going to my partner and having to explain, yeah all that cash i won its almost gone, but at the time i didnt care, i just wanted it back, i have never felt like this when you win you are very high but when you lose, no matter how much the low is awful, have never felt like this, am going to a GA meeting this Tuesday, because i just can't stop as i am writing this i have an urge to bet big and get it all back, but with a girlfriend i adore and a baby on the way i really need to stop.

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