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need to stop.
hi all, went to my first meeting last night, all i can say is if you are thinking about it dont, just go, i am so happy i went, everyone made me feel welcome and it was good to know that i am not alone in all this.

Today thou is not going well having some massive urge to bet, not because of the meeting, but because i have worked out how much i was up, only last friday, i am talking silly money, why could i not just walk away, got so much guilt, anger and hate towards my self, i was set for life no more trying to find cash to pay bills, buy a car, i had it all, but as a gambler i allways wanted more, that is my problem i dont when i should quit, the plus side is that if i didnt lose i might of lost more, but i will always hate myself for not getting out at the right time.


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