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New GA member
Hi all

Tonight I went to my first GA meeting. My name is Gemma and I'm a compulsive gambler and it is two days since I had a bet. I will go to another meeting tomorrow and then another one on Thursday. Tonight's meeting was terrifying until I walked in the door and was welcomed. I came out of there feeling encouraged and with some hope that recovery is possible. I was familiar with the principles of GA having been to Al Anon meetings (meetings for family and friends of alcoholics, like Gamanon) but obviously I had never been to a meeting because I was the addict. I was the only female in the meeting, but that was no problem at all - everyone was very accepting and welcoming.

I am in trouble, financially because of my gambling, but in my eyes more trouble because I have lost the love of my life. My partner caught me lying - I said I was home when I was in the casino. Needless to say, I have lost any trust that I was ever given - and that was hard earned in the first place. I was given a second chance this time last year, my partner stood by me, but my mistake then was not admitting that I needed help and that I thought I could do it on my own. Now the person who I thought I would marry and live the rest of my life with won't - can't - even talk to me let alone see me or trust me. Not only that, but 4 weeks ago my partner had a heart attack (aged 49, so is young) and I have repaid the debt I owed by decieving and lying to the one person I love so much. I have left a broken heart in my wake and the stress of a painful breakup which is the last thing that is needed after a heart attack - more stress.

I am a compulsive gambler and this day is day 2 of my recovery.
Firstly well done for going to the meetings, this is not a quick fix thing my dear so please do not use excuses over your partner to give reasons why your doing this.

The reason is your a compulisve gambler and he must need to see you change over a long long time.

Well done, but step by step, day by day, you cannot as they say solve all life's issues in a few days, months it takes time. Your focus right now is not to be the cheating , lying, decieptfull person you have been and concentrate on forever fixing you.

you cannot also force this new person on others just take things day by day to be better and well again for you.

I hope you take my advice well in the manner it is intended.


Gemma, I went to my first meeting yesterday, first iwas reluctant but after going I felt so much better, knowing that your not on your own makes it so much better, I too am going to carry on going to. meetings as i also do.t want to lose anybody close to me agaon. Good luck with your recovery, all the best
Dear Gemma,

Thankyou for visiting the Gamblers Anonymous forum.

Compulsive gambling is a very expensive pastime. In your case you document it taking not only your money but your partners heart, trust and your relationship. You have learned the hard way that gambling, for you, is not just "harmless fun" as a prominent member of parliament once described it.

It is encouraging to hear that you have already attended Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings. It is also encouraging that despite being the only female in the room you were warmly welcomed and positively encouraged in your quest to tread the road to recovery. The collective wisdom of the meetings is that attendance helps members. Seeing other people with a common problem (and a common goal) seems to help individuals to gain a better life. GA is a 'twelve step' fellowship and attendance at meetings helps members to 'work the program'.

Welcome to Gamblers Anonymous. I hope it will work for you, like it has worked for me.

Yours in GA unity

'Poster' David (Barnsley)

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