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New GA member
Hi all

Tonight I went to my first GA meeting. My name is Gemma and I'm a compulsive gambler and it is two days since I had a bet. I will go to another meeting tomorrow and then another one on Thursday. Tonight's meeting was terrifying until I walked in the door and was welcomed. I came out of there feeling encouraged and with some hope that recovery is possible. I was familiar with the principles of GA having been to Al Anon meetings (meetings for family and friends of alcoholics, like Gamanon) but obviously I had never been to a meeting because I was the addict. I was the only female in the meeting, but that was no problem at all - everyone was very accepting and welcoming.

I am in trouble, financially because of my gambling, but in my eyes more trouble because I have lost the love of my life. My partner caught me lying - I said I was home when I was in the casino. Needless to say, I have lost any trust that I was ever given - and that was hard earned in the first place. I was given a second chance this time last year, my partner stood by me, but my mistake then was not admitting that I needed help and that I thought I could do it on my own. Now the person who I thought I would marry and live the rest of my life with won't - can't - even talk to me let alone see me or trust me. Not only that, but 4 weeks ago my partner had a heart attack (aged 49, so is young) and I have repaid the debt I owed by decieving and lying to the one person I love so much. I have left a broken heart in my wake and the stress of a painful breakup which is the last thing that is needed after a heart attack - more stress.

I am a compulsive gambler and this day is day 2 of my recovery.

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