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Hi my name is David. I intend to join the Fife GA on Monday and it can't come quick enough. I have a real problem and feel I have to share it here and now to get it off my chest before I start at the meeting. My addition to gambling is an online bingo site where you play the 5 scratch cards. I started around 3-4 months ago as a tester (I hadn't gambled before apart from the lottery) and to my utter surprise I became addicted. I wiped out all my savings and maxed my credit card to the limit. To get more cash I applied for two more credit cards and low and behold within a month I had maxed these. It came to the point that when my salary went in each month I was desperate to get on the site (I counted down the days before it went in, that’s how overpowering this addiction was) and blew the lot. Needless to say no bills got paid and I have creditors on my back all the time. Sleep! What is that, I don't think I have slept a proper sleep for months now. I have began a DAS (Debt Advisor Scheme) to get the total I have accrued in debts due to gambling but still have the urge to gamble anything I can get my hands on. Would love any advice or feedback from any GA members who recognize these faults / addiction prior to my meeting on Monday, help me get through the weekend with comments from someone who knows what I'm going through. Take care all and thanks for listening. David

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