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This is where i am right now......
Hi, i'm sherrie and i'm a compulsive gambler, last bet on 24/09/11. (prev. ldg was 31/01/11) I am currently under a fog of depression. I have PTSD and was triggered by something recently. In the past i have used gambling to escape from my emotions but because i can't gamble responsibly anymore i can't even hide away playing them games. What used to last me days or months in terms of funds to gamble is gone in a matter of minutes these days. Plus gambling again has made me feel even worse than i did before i did it. I have felt really quite self destructive to say the least.

Negatives, having a bad moment i deleted my ga phone numbers/emails/friends from my social network site cos i just felt like withdrawing and hiding under my big black cloud alone.

Positives, i've booked an appointment to see a counsellor to talk about my recent trigger and bad feelings.

Anyhoo, that's me.


hi sherrie you sound like you need hug so first thing big hug from me i geoff a compulsive gambler.i understand the pressures of your demons as i have depression and one of my things was to hide away gambling and yes like you i got to the stage where i could lose thousands in an hour.i find the best help for me is talk and then talk some more even when i dont want to as its easy for me to dream that it wasnt bad hospital,police,losing place to live,familly love and trust prove me wrong but i have to remind myself so i go meetings 2-3 times a week and i imerse myself into them and i say what i need to say thats very important to me and i have a network of freinds some are in unity gph.jft.
smartie Wrote:Hey Sherrie Bear,

.................. What I strive for is to learn from those mistakes and move forward...


Learning defined....Any relatively permanent change in behaviour brought about as a result of past experience or practice.

Just for today I will not gamble, I have learned that it is bad for me and I have learned recovery is good for me. The rest is a bonus but these two things I have learned I should never forget. <!-- sWink --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt="Wink" title="Wink" /><!-- sWink -->

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