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Young Addict, Can't See An End.

I'm 20 in December, and ever since my 18th Birthday I've been hooked.

Casino', Horses, Fruit Machines have never intrested me at all. I've always stuck to what I know in football.

While I was at college I used to use any cash I had to bet, this meant every week the money was deposited online and wasted, some weeks were good but I'd always end up with nothing.

I then got my first proper job 12 months ago, every pay day pretty much the entire wage was deposited online barring rent money. Any free money I used to gamble really. Some days were good and I knew to withdraw but in the end I'd always end up blowing it all after a week, sometimes even after only a few hours of being paid. I'd patiently wait for next pay day to roll around kidding myself into thinking that THIS WILL BE THE MONTH where it wil all change, sadly it never did. Inbetween pay days I'd use whatever cash I could get my hands on (Stealing from my brother & Selling an xbox & ipod) to use at the bookies, which again would result in favour.

This has been the story of my life for the past 12 months. Living to gamble. False hope.

I got paid on Fridaymand again over the course of the weekend I deposited it all online, one stage I was considerably up and plotting what I was going to buy only to gradually lose it all. All I had left in my account was money for rent which I somehow managed to trick myself into thinking I'll easily win that back again. IN the end I lost it all.

My strategy has always been high stake low odds singles, I still try and convince myself that next time will be different but it never is.

I want out of this cycle, I'm at a real low now as I have no Idea how I'll explain where the rent money went to my mother, she really depends on my money.

contemplated ending my sad existance tonight, I feel empty.
I know how you feel Mate, story of my life when I gambled. There is hope and the program does work. Find a G.A. meeting and go along as soon as you can. Just turn up and walk in, you'll be welcomed. In the meantime, why not ask your Mum or someone you trust to look after your money while you get the help to recover from this disease. We all have to make decisions to change what doesn't work, you're brave enough to get this far, don't give up on it now, we didn't give up and life has turned around completely.

I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't even find the tunnel. If I can recover so can you. Make the right choice, you have the choice to beat this illness you said it yourself, if we do the same things we get the same outcome. Choose well my friend, your life is precious.
Read your post!, first thing is and you may not know now but life can be a beautifull thing and place.

You dont know that now all you know is you have a problem and you dont know how to solve that problem.

Firstly and you may take my advice or not that is up to you.

If you were a good gambler you would win, you would not be in the strife your in and continue to be in, that strife will only get worse.

So we agree your not good at gambling neither am I so I dont do it!!

So what to do?

1) Its not about lying to your mum about the rent its about admission to others about where your money has been going, that sounds hard but honesty is the number one policy!

2) Its about saying do I really want the last 12 months of my life for the next.

3) Go to a GA meeting, maybe daunting at 20years old but it will be good for you.

I will leave you with one sentiment: Being a compulsive gambler is progressive in its distruction, it will keep on and on and eat further into your life.

Its time to nip it in the bud and enjoy some things you should do when your young.



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